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The Company

PLATON SA was established in 1925 in Alexandria Egypt motivated by a love for fragrances. At the beginning of the 1960’s the company extends activity into Hellenic territory always based on the criterion of knowledge of aromas and respect towards the consumer. These principles were the foundation to create Platon’s daughter company Elevon, a manufacturing company of high quality perfumes.

In 2004, the longstanding knowledge of Platon and Elevon’s technical know-how distilled into developing the Julia Rosenthal (JR™) series, with the philosophy of designing products devoted to maintaining well being and appearance.

The series includes essential oils, natural oils, creams and lotions which apart from their beautifying effect are distinguished for their healing properties, also including unique fragrances Eau de Parfum for men and women. The JR™ range of fragrances is classified in such a way as to cover the whole spectrum of fragrance characters which will satisfy the most demanding consumer.


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